Pilates & Wellness

As a trained ballet and contemporary dancer, I believe that skeletal alignment, posture, flexibility and core stability are crucial to our healthy well being and injury prevention.  I offer weekly private, group and corporate classes (online and in person) that can teach you how to train your body to move differently and efficiently by strengthening your deep stabilising muscles.   
Pilates and energy balls often come hand in hand as I often work on retreats, providing Pilates classes and energy ball demos!. 
For more information, visit my Pilates website
Explore my most recent work, podcasts and interviews below. 

 "Talking Food" Podcast hosted by Liz Trigg 

We talk about how Claire's Amazeballs began, how Liz mentored me in the early stages and where we are at now.   Listen here

Pilates at your Desk

Pilates At Your Desk

If you work on a computer all day, take a break and try this session to support your body.  Click on the image to get started!

One Dance UK

One Dance UK

How can you feed curiosity and creativity in Dance? I wrote this in my role as a Dance Specialist for Bucks; Lead Tutor for Teacher Training.  Click on this title below to read...

River Radio Interview 

Claire Outside River Radio Studio

I had the most wonderful chat with Jenny Tschiesche (@lunchboxdoctor - also local to Marlow) which is also part of a weekly podcast at River Radio.  We discussed both the ingredients and nutritional benefits of my Amazeballs, as well as about the growth of the business alongside my other roles as a dance teacher, a Pilates instructor and a mum of three.  I hope it makes a great listen for anyone interested in food and nutrition and those running a small business.  Click here to listen.