Frequently Asked Questions


What’s your best seller? 

Apricot & Hazelnut - “tastes too good to be healthy” A kid's favourite too! 


How many calories in one ball?

See the individual flavour detail in our shop for nutritional breakdowns but each ball has on average 118 Kcal and 3g protein.  


Why do you use dates, aren’t they high in sugar? 

The answer is Yes – but they are a natural sugar in the form of fructose. 

Dates are also high in fibre, which helps to slow down digestion and may prevent blood sugar level spikes.  Eating dates with some protein, such as whole nuts or nut butter, will slow down the increase in blood sugar levels further. So they are the perfect companion in my recipes! 


Do all your energy balls have nuts in them?

Yes we use nuts as the base of all our recipes because the health benefits are great.  We have produced seed balls too but there was not enough demand for these. 


What are the seasonal balls and when are they available? 

Cacao Orange - From October to December

A Taste of Christmas - From October to December

Hot Cross Balls - From February to April

Strawberries & Cream - From May to July 

I’m a coffee shop owner, how can I stock your balls?

Click here to find out more!


What is the shelf life?

The shelf life is 12 months but to enjoy the amazing freshness of the blend of raw ingredients we recommend Best before is 2 months.  

Can they be frozen? 

Yes yes! We love this question! Many customers buy and freeze them and they taste just as delicious.